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Country greatGEORGE JONEScombines forces with country greatWILLIAMS SAUSAGE COMPANY, INC.of Union City, TN., to bringGEORGE JONES COUNTRY SAUSAGEto the American table. Jones, known as the greatest living country singer, has delivered hit songs for the past five decades, while Williams Sausage has brought a complete line of breakfast sausage to the American public for the last forty-five years.

“Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day,” Jones explains from his Franklin, TN. home. “My wife, Nancy, sets the table and it’s my job to fry up the sausage and make sure it’s just right.”

Williams Sausage Co, Inc. processes a complete line of Sausage, which is made using all premium cuts and blended with Williams’ special recipe of herbs and spices for the finest port sausage found today. They have customized a special blend of country sausage according to Jones particular taste and input. “I wouldn’t put my name on anything that wasn’t the best,” Jones says. “I never want to disappoint my fans.”

Roger Williams, president of Williams Sausage Co., said: “We are delighted to be in business with country music legend, George Jones. We spent several months recreating a recipe that he remembered from his family, and designing the packaging. Our intention is to promote this brand nationally. We’ve learned that George has an amazing new breakfast item. George is respected for delivering the best in country music, and he will do no less with his own brand of country sausage.”

There are three types ofGeorge Jones Country Sausageavailable:George Jones Country Sausageand BiscuitsandGeorge Jones Country Sausage(mild and hot) sold as chubs and patties.

The Sausage and Biscuits box featrues short, often-told stories about Jones called “Fables and Truths” that tell haf truths about George’s colorful life using sausage as a pivotal story point. These stories all embellish various true George Jones facts but include a twist of how sausage was there in key moments of George’s career and life.

“I don’t lend my name to just anythin,” George concludes. “Williams Sausage is some of the best I’ve ever had and I like the fact that they are and old family business that hasn’t changed hands much. Kind of like me, I’ve been a country singer since the day I started off in the business and I’ll be singin’ country til the day I die.”