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Ad Photos
These images may be copied for use in advertising our products for your institution. They are in .jpeg and Photoshop .psd format. The .jpeg images, because of their nature, will have white backgrounds. The .psd files will have a clear background, which may have any color applied to it. To get these files, click here . When at the psd files (you will see files with a question mark), you right-click on the file to download, use "Save Target As.." ("Save targeted link as.." for Navigator users) and select "all files." After the file name, type ".psd", then download to the folder of your choice. Then you will be able to open the file with Photoshop (.psd = Photoshop Document.) You may, if you wish, drag the .jpeg files into a folder, or use the same method as for .psd files. When finished, use your "back" arrow on the browser navigator bar to return to this page. From here, you may browse the site.